Homemade Halloween Decorations!

Well hello there, it’s been a while hasn’t it?!

Apologies for the extended radio silence, it does link directly with my baby becoming a toddler and the whole new world of walking and the customary mischief that comes with!

I suppose then, the later I left things, the more I felt the need for an amazing “come back” post and then the pressure set in and the avoidance began.

However, I could see this continuing for a long time and have decided to get back in there with a simple crafty post of…

Homemade Halloween Decorations!

Halloween Decorations

I decided to host a little Halloween party for all my baby friends at the weekend and as I always go mad for decorations at Christmas time I thought why not do the same for a Halloween party and at the same time perhaps utilise some of the same decorations.

Ghost Lanterns.

What you need.

  • Christmas tree lights
  • Paper cups (you will see I used plastic but paper is much better)
  • Pin or small nail
  • Knife/scalpel
  • Permanent black marker

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to find paper cups in any of my local shops and found that the plastic ones were a little more tricky to work with as the tend to split when you cut, so Id strongly recommend paper ones if you can.

Prick, cut, cross.

Using you pin/nail prick a whole in the top of your cup.  Use this whole to then make a cross cut with your scalpel.  Again, I couldn’t find my scalpel at the time and used a kitchen knife that was probably a bit naughty and unsafe so do as I say and not as I do again and get a scalpel!

Next with your marker pen draw on you ghostly faces.  I had 80 cups to do which took a bit of time and can be quite tedious.  I recommend have 4-5 characters that you repeat.


Take you fairy lights and poke through the cross hole and pull through, pushing back the flaps of the cross cut to secure the chord in place.  I had a 120 light string of LEDs so alternated my cups with a 1 bulb gap in between to give space for the cups.

There you have it, Christmas lights come Halloween lights!


Lampshade Bats.

Easiest Halloween decoration ever!

  • White Paper
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape

Bat stencil

Cut out various sizes of bats using my bat stencil provided if you click here.  Stick inside lampshades with sellotape.  The more bats the better.


Bat Lamp!

Ghost Milk Cartons.

Second easiest Halloween decoration ever!

  • Milk carton
  • Permanent black marker
  • White Floralyte

Remove your label and clean the milk out of your carton and leave to dry.  Once dry. draw on your ghostly face.  Then pop in a floralyte.  A Floralyte is a small led and battery that is used for floral displays which you can buy online here.  They are 100% better than tea lights for fire safety.  You can get ones that can be switched on and off but I have the single use ones which can last up to 3 days.  I recommend the white ones as these have the strongest light.  However, if you want colour just pop two lights in instead.

Ghostly fire safe lanterns for your doorstep etc.

Moo and Boo!


Of course no Halloween would be complete without the customary jack o’lantern  and sticking with the idea of mixing Christmas and Halloween decorations I’ve made mine the Jack from the Nightmare before Christmas! Perfect for my Trick or Treat display!