Homemade Floral Baby Hair Band

In recent weeks Isla, who is now 14.5 months old, has had a sudden growth of hair. She was born with a full head of dark hair but (like many) lost this after a few weeks.
Today, it’s grown back into beautiful blonde hair that’s just starting to thicken out. She’s a proper girly girl with it; whenever she finds a flower or a hair-tie of mine she always tries to stick it on her head. Unfortunately, it’s still a bit too fine and short to be tied up. I have tried it and although ridiculously cute, I worry it’s a bit too tight to hurt her head or damage what little locks she has.

Hair bands on the other hand are perfect! Especially as she has a few wispy bits at the front that are always getting into her eyes or food! I find they are great at completing a pretty little outfit, especially for a party of special occasion.
We’ve got given quite a few of the classic Alice bands which I’m getting addicted to. But at £5 a pop it could soon start becoming an expensive addiction!
Therefore I decided to attempt my own…

Homemade Floral Baby Hair Band

Hair Bands

This is a really easy project. The flowers I have previously made for my Sensory Play Mat.

The following items were bought for £2 from my local haberdashers and it could make at least 4 hair bands. Today I’ve made two.


You will need

  • 2 pieces of craft felt in different colours
  • 1m thin elastic
  • Some buttons to match felt
  • Some thread to match the felt
  • A needle
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue (preferably non toxic for chewing babies)
  • Small bit of paper or card

First get your small piece of card (or paper) a cut out a 5cm circle for a template. With this then cut circles from each of the felt.  Also cut two extra smaller circles approx 1.5cm diameter.


Next cut your elastic to your desired length. Find this out by wrapping it around your childs head for a snug fit.

Thread your needle with doubled up thread at around 30cms (when folded) and tie a knot in the end.

Flower Steps

Take your felt circles and fold twice into quarters.  Sew through the outside edge and then 1/4 way along through to the front again, then back through another 1/4 way along and then finally through to the front again at the inside edge. Repeat for all 5 circles.  Scrunch the petals tightly together and then take the needle and thread back through the petal.  Once at the end again, pull tightly and tie the two ends in a knot (image 5).  Next thread through the opposite end petal and stitch at the back a few times, then trim and there you have your flower.


Next take the small circle we cut earlier and glue this in the centre of your flower.  Once dry, sew your button securely to this circle.  You may wish to stitch this to the flower also for extra security.

Elastic sew

Next take your elastic and stitch the end to one side of the opening on the back of your flower. Take the other end of your elastic and overlap this by approx 1.5cm, going over the opening, then sew through both layers of elastic onto the flower.  Make sure your elastic isn’t twisted!  For neatness you can also cut another bit of felt and glue over the join.  This might also be less of an irritant for your little one!

And there you have your cute little outfit topper!

Isla wearing her hair band

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